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SS tools offer an economic, risk avoidant solution to the problem of ferrous contamination from chrome plated carbon steel maintenance tools in critical environments. Find out how.

Indian Pharma has demonstrated aggressive growth and positioning in the world pharmaceutical industry. Innovative Indian manufacturing requires state-of-the-art technology, and Steritool has established a formative role in implementing an effortless, efficient solution into standard operating procedures of sterile manufacturing within India and worldwide. Find out more...

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Stainless Steel Hand Tools: a Preventative Solution to Ferrous Contamination
At what point in the manufacturing of FDA-regulated products would you use the same equipment that your auto mechanic would use to work on your car?

Even when sterilized before use, ordinary chrome-plated carbon steel hand tools can still be a large contributing factor to the problem of process contamination. A sterilized carbon steel tool is still a ferrous tool, and when used against stainless steel fasteners, for example, transfers the exposed iron particles from the tool to the surface of the stainless. In an oxygen environment with even low levels of humidity, these exposed particles react in the formation of iron oxide, or rust. Using stainless steel hand tools in the maintenance and operation of process equipment can eliminate the risk factor of ferrous contamination.

Stainless Steel Tools Eliminate the Risk of Particulate Generation in a Cleanroom Environment
A significant risk of process contamination is introduced with the deterioration of the chrome plating commonly used on ordinary industrial hand tools. The application of an electroplated surface coating is intended to provide carbon steel tools with some level of corrosion resistance by acting as a barrier between the free iron on the tool surface and the environment, and thus reduce the level of oxidation. But although it is possible to effectively sterilize a chrome-plated carbon steel tool before use in a Cleanroom, each successive autoclave cycle acts to deteriorate the plating, causing it to chip, flake, and peel. Once the chrome plating is degraded, contamination can result not only from the airborne particles of the plating itself, but also from the oxidation of the exposed iron of the tool. Stainless steel hand tools have no plating; their corrosion resistance is a property of the chromium contained within the alloy. Replacing carbon steel tools with stainless steel tools eliminates this risk and should be considered a standard operating procedure for any modern facility.

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Manufacturers of professional quality stainless steel hand tools designed for use in critical production, sterile, Cleanroom, or corrosive environments. Our tools are designed and manufactured in full compliance with the established standards of
ISO 9001: 2008
All Steritool products meet or exceed ANSI, SAE, DIN,& British Standards specifications.

stainless steel C clamps, locking clamps, and vise/stainless steel pliers and cutters/stainless steel locking pliers/ stainless steel mallets and hammers/stainless steel punches and chisels/stainless steel open-end wrenches/stainless steel spanners/stainless steel adjustable wrenches/stainless steel nut drivers/stainless steel drive ratchet, sockets, and socket extensions/stainless steel torque wrench/stainless steel screwdrivers/stainless steel tweezers, forceps, scrapers, knives, and scissors/stainless steel hex keys, ball end hex keys, and fold-up sets/stainless steel hex key bits for 1/4" drive/stainless steel ball drivers with handles/stainless steel tool boxes and cabinets/stainless steel sterilization baskets and carrying trays/stainless steel tie-downs