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stainless steel Pliers, Two-position and five-position channelock

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stainless steel pliers
Stainless Steel Two- or Five-Position Pliers
All stainless steel and designed to withstand repeated sterilization cycles over years of use.

About our pliers
The 8" two-position  (#10131) shown is our most popular general use gripping plier and is an indispensible part of any aseptic tool kit. Paired with its "companion" ultimate pliers for fine work and cutting, and you're covered for a wide range of work applications.

stainless steel channellock pliers

#10132 (10")

#10167 (12" top) & #10165 (6.5" bottom)

Stainless Steel Slip Joint (Two Position) Pliers
400 series stainless steel

#10010  6" (150mm)                     $86.00    qty.
#10131  8" (200mm)                     $130.00  qty.
#10011  10" (250mm)                   $136.00  qty.


Stainless Steel Channel Lock Pliers
400 series stainless steel

#10165  6.5" 7 position (165mm)                   $230.00  qty.
#10132  10" 5 position (250mm)                    $242.00  qty.
#10167  12" 7 position (300mm)                    $280.00  qty.

#10132 Jaw

#10167 & 10165 Jaw



420 is a martensitic stainless steel alloy.
This alloy is magnetic.


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