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Over the last few years there has been a increase in ‘Stainless Steel’ tools manufactured by European and US manufactures.

These tools are being offered to consumers at very low $ value, which has caught our interest.

At STERITOOL INC we are always striving to bring quality tools to our customers at an affordable price. We are constantly looking for a way to lower our overhead, manufacture a larger quantity per lot, and pass the savings on to our customers.

Unfortunately this has been an uphill battle. The grades of stainless steels which provides the best combination of strength, corrosion resistance, availability, and machineability, comes with a high cost per lbs + secondary work to achieve the hardness required.

Many of these new ‘Stainless Steel’ tools incorporate new manufacturing and hardening processes to lower the cost. They attempt to make an inferior Stainless Steel grade resist corrosion and increase its strength.

An industry standard corrosion test we use is called a Salt Spray Test - ASTM B117.

A salt spray test conducted to ASTM B117 standards calls for a 1000 hour exposure to salt spray.

Below you will see test results, of Stainless Steel hex keys made by other manufactures, after 100 hours… enough said...

Although the below pictured 'Stainless Steel' hex keys may not corrode in a household/automotive environment. There is a high possibility they will corrode in a critical environment where corrosive chemicals and processes are used to clean the tools.




Manufacture A:


Manufacture B:


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