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Stainless Steel Files with solid Stainless Steel Handles
Files = 440C Stainless / Handles = 316 Stainless

Stainless Steel Files are available in Bastard/Coarse Medium and Fine. The files are manufactured from 440C type stainless (vacuum hardened to 60HRC) with a welded 316 stainless handle and passivated to ASTM A697.

In what type of situation would such a hand file be necessary? It is usually in a situation where the object being altered with the file has already been passivated to remove “free iron” and to initiate the formation of the passive layer. Using a stainless steel file the minimizes the transfer of corrosive iron to the stainless item being worked on, so less passivation will be required to restore the passive layer.

#23000 -  Stainless Steel 8" BASTARD/COARSE FILE  (8" x 1 1/4")        $712.00  qty.

#23002 -  Stainless Steel 8" MEDIUM FILE  (8" x 1 1/4")                           $832.00   qty.

#23003 -  Stainless Steel 8" FINE FILE  (8" x 1 1/4")                                  $1050.00   qty.


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