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Stainless steel steritools™ find applications in a diverse range of critical environments. Our client base is global and our clients' testimonials-- in their own words-- illustrate an interesting and varied cross section of industrial uses for our products.
Pharmaceutical Processing

          "I've been using steritools for 6 years in my role as a sterile area technician, and recently I have been given the chance to order new tools for new "ways of working" within our sterile department. After dredging through many catalogues, I went to your site on the net, and after contacting your sales department found about 85% of the tools I needed in the stock lists, and the others have been made to special order from the specifications we supplied. Overall the quality and range are unsurpassed, and the help I received from the sales team was quick and competent, not to mention that the prices are well below what I was quoted in this country. In future I will look no further, Steritools are the right tools for the job."
          -Barry Hodson, GlaxoSmithKline, Worthing, United Kingdom

          "As a technical advisor to our pharamceutical manufacturing operations I "see" and "hear" about problems with conventional tools that do not hold up in the environment and/or have the potential to contaminate our clean room operations. And with the need to reduce the bioburden load from the ingress into a cleanroom operation... being able to sterilize tools "are a dream come true!" It's great to know Steritool has come to the industry's rescue not only with standard tools but entertaining custom needs too. Thank you!"
          -Leonard Nowak, Schering Plough

          "Steritool was the only company able to provide a complete line of tools that met and exceeded our CER 10000 and 1000 requirements"
          -Manuel Bautista, Abbott Vascular, Temecula CA


          "The Biologics Labs has been using Steritools for over a decade. I first saw them at the Interphex show and knew that they were perfect for our aseptic operations in the Plasma Fractionation group. This past year, the tools have been introduced into our Vaccines Manufacturing operations with great success. They are autoclavable and resistant to the aggressive disinfectants."
           -Ralph Tisei, Univ. Mass. Medical School Biologics Lab, Jamaica Plain MA


          "...I had a request to your company to build me the hex keys on a 1/4 inch drive socket system. I worked with Brian and gave him my specifications. From this I have populated three factories with these SS tools... Thank you."
          -Mark Griego, Intel, Chandler AZ

                    Brian Pekarsky, Steritool Operations Manager: "Actually, thank you, Mark. Your initiative back in 2003 helped us launch an entire line of hex bits. Turns out, they're a very popular item."

Medical Device Manufacturing

          "I design medical devices that are tested in the Operating Room. Typically the devices may need adjustments under sterile conditions. I have used your stainless steel screw drivers, hex wrenches and channel locks to make adjustments in the OR in the past. Your tools are great. Thanks!"
           -David Stephens, Theragenics Corporation, Buford GA

Medical Applications

          "In the course of my duties as a Service Line Specialist, I have had to meet surgeon's requests for everyday tools that are suitable for use on the surgical field. A trip to the local hardware store is out of the question as I have to consider the durability, autoclavability and risk of metal fatigue and ferrous contamination. Steritool has been an invaluable source be it a screw driver, a wrench or a tamp. Then I realized that we have a few sets of tools on our shelves from Steritool, a set of socket wrenches, some screwdrivers that are still called for in a time of need to remove hardware in a patient. They have withstood multiple autoclave cycles to a heat of 270 degrees and come out "shining". I rely on Steritool as my first source to tools. Thank you Steritool! For a "tool in hand is worth two in the bush"."
           -Alice Ong, Loma Linda University Medical Center, San Bernardino, CA


          "Class 100 clean rooms are the few ways to ensure the efficacy of a product. It is very important to ensure all the equipment is dedicated for that purpose. Your tools are in our class 100 facility and have maintained their quality throughout all the sterilization and cleaning solvents they have come in contact with. Keep up the good work."
          -Steve Cohn, Acusphere Inc, Tewksbury MA

Food Processing           "I have been very pleased with all of the tools that I have purchased from Steritool. Impressed enough that our company is going to offer a stainless steel tool option on all of our food processing machines! You have been very responsive to all of our "oddball" tool requests and have produced extremely high quality tools that fit right in with our company philosophy of quality first!"
          -Dan King, Urschel Labs, Valparaiso IN

                    Brian Pekarsky, Steritool Operations Manager: "Well, we've got a few "oddballs" working here, so your tool requests suit us just fine! Thanks for the opportunity!"

Underwater           "I work for the "O" show at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. The show room stage is a 1.5 million gallon pool. I have been using Steritool stainless tools in the pool for many years. The advantage of corrosion resistant tools in an underwater environment saves time and money. Your SS Diagonal cutters with the tungsten carbide inserts would have to be my favorite underwater tool. Thanks for the quality products."
          -Kirk Mortenson, Bellagio Resorts, Las Vegas

          "I will be completing my Master's degree this summer, which has focused on validating alkaline hydrolysis for use as a disposal method for hazardous biological materials. Alkaline hydrolysis is essentially a commercialized pressure cooker that heats to 150 C and reaches a pressure of 60 PSI with a pH of 12-14 (KOH). This is an extremely harsh and caustic environment that eats the fastening materials that were originally designated for this research.
It was a relief to find stainless steel c-clamps made by Steritool exist at affordable prices and with such a large selection."
          -Ryan Murphy, Colorado State University

          "Good products from stainless steel are very rare in our country and in Holland I couldn't find anything at all! So, while surfing on the www, at last I found Steritool and I (can) order some tools!!! Thank you Steritool!!"
          -Edward Donkersloot, Erasmus MC, Netherlands

General Industry

          "I work in food manufacturing plants making repairs in equipment that is cleaned and sanitized. By using tools that have just been cleaned and sanitized it saves the production line the two hours to reclean and sanitize the equipment I worked on. They are able to do a sanitizing spray and an I-Dex test then start up again."
           -Lawrence Sparks, Paramedic Plumbing, Logan UT


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