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Magnetic and Non-Magnetic Nut Drivers with L, T and straight handles from Steritool
Jacksonville, FL  May 2010

Long term solution rather than throw-away tools!


Steritool is proud to announce the most recent additions to its expanding line of autoclavable stainless steel hand tools. Their NEW L, T and straight stainless steel Nut Drivers are available in two different versions, magnetic and non-magnetic. The Nut Drivers are manufactured from 17-4 PH stainless steel for the magnetic versions and 316 for the non-magnetic.

Steritool products are fully autoclavable through thousands of cycles without deterioration and represent an economic solution to quantifiable hand tool cleanliness. They are designed for use in critical environment Pharmaceutical, Bio-Tech, Nuclear, Cleanroom, Sterile Production, Beverage, Food and other industries.

The Non-Magnetic versions are used in environments where either magnetic attraction or residual magnetism is a problem. The non-magnetic tools have been positively tested in a magnetic field of 12 Tesla. Perhaps the most widely known application for these tools is in the MRI field of medicine, but there are many other applications across a wide variety of global industries.

Founded in 1993, Steritool is the worlds leading source for stainless steel hand tools, products that enable critical environment industries to consistently maintain required GMP standards of cleanliness, sterility and safety with minimum particulate generation.   

For further information on this or any Steritool products, see their web site at or contact us at (904)-388-3672 or email

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