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Stainless Steel "Critical Clean" Locking Pliers from Steritool. 
Brooklyn, New York. May 10, 2005.

Prevention is by far the most effective cure when it comes to sterile processing. Eliminating the risk of ferrous contamination by using stainless steel hand tools on process equipment has a quantifiable effect straight down the line. Available now in five new sizes, Steritool's new Critical Clean series stainless steel locking pliers are designed specifically for sterile processing applications where measures must be taken to reduce the risk of airborne particulate. Since stainless steel is an homogenous material, there is no plating to peel, chip, or flake. The chromium contained within the stainless alloy oxidizes to form a thin, protective chromium oxide layer on the surface. This invisible layer is non-reactive, and therefore non-corrosive. Removing the need for plating eliminates the risk of particulate generation from oxidation of ferrous surfaces or from the deterioration of the chrome plating used on ordinary tools.

With smooth, rounded edges, recessed rivets, and flat, easy-to-clean surfaces, Steritool critical clean locking pliers are ideal for use in Cleanroom environments with a gloved hand. The smooth gliding release bar on the handle is easily reached with just a finger, enabling easy, one-handed opening and closing . With an attractive matte finish, all components of the pliers are manufactured from stainless steel and can be autoclaved repeatedly over years of use. 

We've taken our locking pliers to the next level and redesigned this line with critical applications in mind. Our  introductory offering of sizes includes a 5" and 7" curved jaw, a 7" straight jaw, and a 6" and 11" long nose sizes. As with all of our products, pricing and online ordering is available on our website. 

For further information on this or any Steritool products, see our web site at or contact us at (800) 822-3620 or email

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