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India Taking Initiatives To Assume Leading Role In Pharmaceuticals. 
Brooklyn, New York. August 11, 2005

Strides Arcolab, Sun Pharma, Torrent Pharmaceutical, Matrix Laboratories. Recent months have seen a spike in acquisitions of European manufacturing facilities by Indian pharmaceutical companies seeking to expand their access to European markets. The expansion into Europe is representative of the strength of the Indian sector as a whole, as India invests heavily in research and development of pharmaceuticals. Steritool, of the United States, reports that inquiries from India about their Compliance, Cost Savings, and Cleanliness initiative have increased dramatically in the past year, and attributes this increase to the Indian expansion. With clear cost-to-benefit and cost-to-risk ratios, the company's program emphasizes the benefits of replacing general industrial hand tools used in sterile production with industry-specific stainless steel tools specifically intended for sterile and critical areas. The company reports that their products' high return on investment and cost savings has earned the notice of established Indian manufacturers and multinationals alike.

The program illustrates the significant risk of sterile process contamination that is introduced with the deterioration through sterilization of the chrome plating commonly used on ordinary industrial hand tools. Once the chrome plating is degraded, contamination results from the airborne particles of the plating and the oxidation of the exposed iron of the tool. In addition to unacceptable levels of contamination, these tools require frequent replacement, and therefore increase production cost over time. In contrast, stainless steel hand tools have no plating; their corrosion resistance is a property of the chromium contained within the alloy. Stainless steel tools are intended for repeated sterilization without deterioration. Steritool explains that by adopting this simple risk avoidant standard, pharmaceutical companies can save money and increase efficient adherence to production safety standards.

A steritool representative will attend the upcoming PharmaIndia 2005 exhibit from October 1-3, 2005 at the Indian Expo Centre in Noida, Delhi to further discuss the benefits of the initiative with Indian pharmaceutical representatives. This popular show, now in its third year, is an important meeting place for industry professionals to keep informed on the latest technological advances.

Information about Steritool products can be found on the company website,, where product specifications, pricing and online ordering is available.

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